Guest the secret ingredient

Putka is one of the biggest bakery chains in Poland, with over 200 locations. As  they expand by opening new spots, launching coffee stores and developing grab-and-go products,  it was time to refresh the brand identity to reflect their ambitions and support their growth plans.

Revealing the true beauty of technology

Dahliamatic, the market leader in ERP and software development, has helped hundreds of businesses grow through technology.

Reinventing the traditional bread

Bakery Company came to us to reinvent the bread!? The hardest part they have cracked themselves. We’ve only created a brand strategy, named it, packed it, and created all assets needed to launch it into the wild.

Shedding new light on the market leader

Sunrise is one of the largest SEO agencies in Poland. The company came to us to turn its brand positioning around as it didn’t reflect its core values.

No Shortcuts in cutting and business

Stigal, a leading manufacturer of high-end CNC machines, asked us for help in developing a new brand strategy and visual identity.

Look out the window

Matplast – a locally known window manufacturer from Poland – decided to move out of the shadows and expand its operation by building its distribution network across Europe.

Explain unexplainable

QNA is one of the global leaders in the development of technology of colloidal, semiconductor quantum dots. Sounds complicated? Indeed, it is.

Think Big. Print Bigger.

3D printing technology is no longer anything spectacular. What if the printer was the size of a container with an incomparably larger working area?

Connecting both worlds

Kvarko is one of the best performing Polish VCs, investing in future shaping, life-changing, science projects.

BIO redefined

Most BIO products in Poland use the same dull, boring and unappetising visual language, so we knew we needed to do something about it.

Friendly monsters

Putka, one of biggest Polish bakeries, challenged us with a task of creating a brand hero that would resonate with children.

Taste of orient in a modern look

Spiced approached us to redesign their line of ready meals.

Design for luxury

POZIOM 511 is a modern, luxurious 4-star hotel surrounded by greenery and limestone rocks. It attracts those who wish to actively spend their time and search for peace, harmony and new experiences.

Charge your EV in style

Solar Carport is an autonomous charging station developed by Natoni and Saule Technologies.

Traditional bakery receives a new look

Pasol Paco is a family-owned Polish bakery founded over 20 years ago, and they wanted to refresh their visual identity and packaging lineup.

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